The Flippening

This will help you understand here:
However, I’m going to quote from 23/5/2017:
The total value of the coin market is now at $80 billion, as the last two days added almost $10 billion to the capitalization. Bitcoin almost doubled since breaking out to new highs a month ago, but its market share is now only 46%, proving just how strong the recent weeks have been to cryptocurrencies.

Now I’m going to show you a screenshot from Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization 24/3/2017:

If you look at the top of that picture you’ll see bitcoin had (2 months ago) 68.2% of the market cap of the total market of $23 Billion.

The simple thing here is that the market is leveling out and this could not have happened without a real player (Ethereum) coming to the market.


You can follow it yourself HERE :


Getting your money out


Initially, for me, without a credit card and living in Hong Kong  (where it seems incredibly slow uptake to the rest of the world) my biggest problem was how could I buy in.  It took until an extortionate exchange at a bitcoin ATM allowed to get my hard earned into virtual currency.

I’d tell me friends and family about this and the biggest fear I would hear from them about my investment in cryptographic-currency was “so how do you get your money out?”

I was looking at and then I heard that Wells Fargo bank had made it difficult for you to remove your money this way, more here … seems to give a solution to this problem in Chinese RMB, but it appears (so far, from my investigation) that you need a China ID to open an account (along with a China Bank account or Alipay account).

Maybe this is a solution?

If you can actually spend your coins on real things then getting your money out is as easy as buying what you want to buy with your digital currency.  So looking at spending your coins through VISA could be a game changer:

Here’s another possible option:

Pay Bills with Bitcoin | Bitwala – Blockchain Banking



Likewise, enables traders to sell goods on their websites using digital currency, so those that want to cash out, can just buy what they want from traders using this. Read more about this here …

List of Companies Who Accepts Bitcoins as Payment!

Many companies are accepting bitcoins, many are not. Here is a list of the biggest (and smaller) names who accepts bitcoins as a currency.

  • – An online company that allows user to create free blogs
  • – A company that sells big ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking
  • Subway – Eat fresh
  • Microsoft – Users can buy content with Bitcoin on Xbox and Windows store
  • Reddit – You can buy premium features there with bitcoins
  • Virgin Galactic – Richard Branson company that includes Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airline
  • OkCupid – Online dating site
  • Tigerdirect – Major electronic online retailer
  • Namecheap – Domain name registrar
  • – Travel booking site for airline tickets, car rentals, hotels
  • – Online travel booking agency
  • Gyft – Buy giftcards using Bitcoin
  • – Online electronics retailer now uses bitpay to accept bitcoin as payment
  • Dell – American privately owned multinational computer technology company
  •  Wikipedia –  The Free Encyclopedia with 4 570 000+ article
  • Steam – Desktop gaming platform
  • The Internet Archive – web documatation company
  • Bitcoin.Travel – a travel site that provides accommodation, apartments, attractions, bars, and beauty salons around the world
  • Pembury Tavern – A pub in London, England
  •  Old Fitzroy – A pub in Sydney, Australia
  • The Pink Cow – A diner in Tokyo, Japan
  • The Pirate Bay – BitTorrent directories
  • Zynga – Mobile gaming
  • – For premium services
  • EZTV – Torrents TV shows provider
  • – The new venture started by the former owner of MegaUpload Kim Dotcom
  • Lumfile – Free cloud base file server – pay for premium services
  • Etsy Vendors – 93 of them
  • – Domino’s Pizza signed up – pay for their pizza with bitcons
  • Whole Foods – Organic food store (by purchasing gift card from Gyft)
  • – Buy your favorite coffee online
  • Grass Hill Alpacas – A local farm in Haydenville, MA
  • Jeffersons Store – A street wear clothing store in Bergenfield, N.J
  • Helen’s Pizza – Jersey City, N.J., you can get a slice  of pizza for 0.00339 bitcoin by pointing your phone at a sign next to the cash register
  • A Class Limousine – Pick you up and drop you off at Newark (N.J.) Airport
  • – Get SEO work done on your site cheap
  • – Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Set a budget, track your goals and do more
  • – Discover amazing stuff, collect the things you love, buy it all in one place (Source: Fancy)
  • – Online newspaper
  • – Indie game site
  • – Games for PC, Mac and Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows)
  • – Chicago based online newspaper
  • San Jose Earthquakes – San Jose California Professional Soccer Team (MLS)
  • Square – Payment processor that help small businesses accept credit cards using iPhone, Android or iPad
  • – The fastest and easiest way to pool funds with family and friends (Source: crowdtilt)
  • Lumfile – Server company that offers free cloud-based servers
  • Museum of the Coastal Bend – 2200 East Red River Street, Victoria, Texas 77901, USA
  • Gap, GameStop and JC Penney – have to use
  • Etsy Vendors – Original art and Jewelry creations
  • Fight for the Future – Leading organization finding for Internet freedom
  • i-Pmart ( – A Malaysian online mobile phone and electronic parts retailer
  • – A total of 12 restaurants on the list of restaurants accept bitcoins in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Dish Network – An American direct-broadcast satellite service provider
  • The Libertarian Party – United States political party
  • – Croatian yacht charter company
  • Euro Pacific – A major precious metal dealer
  • CEX – The trade-in chain has a shop in Glasgow, Scotland that accepts bitcoin
  • Straub Auto Repairs – 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 – (914) 478-1177
  • PSP Mollie – Dutch Payment Service
  • Intuit – an American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals.
  • ShopJoy – An Australian online retailer that sells novelty and unique gifts
  • – Las Vegas high speed internet services
  • – High speed, ultra secure VPN network
  • Grooveshark – Online music streaming service based in the United States
  • Braintree – Well known payments processor
  • MIT Coop Store – Massachusetts Institute of Technology student bookstore
  • SimplePay – Nigeria’s most popular web and mobile-based wallet service
  • SFU bookstore – Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada
  • State Republican Party – First State Republican Party to accept bitcoin donations (
  • – Respiratory medical equipment supplies store
  • – An online store that allows anyone to sell their products
  • Famsa – Mexico’s biggest retailer
  • Naughty America – Adult entertainment provider
  • Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla – A major university in Mexico
  • LOT Polish Airlines – A worldwide airline based in Poland
  • – Online movie ticket exchange/retailer
  • Dream Lover – Online relationship service
  • Lionsgate Films – The production studio behind titles such as The Hunger Games and The Day After Tomorrow
  • Rakutan – A Japanese e-commerce giant
  • Badoo – Online dating network
  • RE/MAX London – UK-based franchisee of the global real estate network
  • T-Mobile Poland – T-Mobile’s Poland-based mobile phone top-up company
  • Stripe – San Francisco-based payments company
  • WebJet – Online travel agency
  • Green Man Gaming – Popular digital game reseller
  • Save the Children  – Global charity organization
  • NCR Silver – Point of sales systems
  • One Shot Hotels – Spanish hotel chain
  • Coupa Café in Palo Alto

  • PureVPN – VPN provider
  • That’s my face – create action figures
  • Foodler – North American restaurant delivery company
  • Amagi Metals – Precious metal furnisher

new edit …

I found that these places allow you to sell you bitcoins for fiat:


… but no idea how it works, will get back to you …

Your first bitcoin purchase

1. Get Yourself a Wallet
You need to get yourself a coin wallet or a trading account, because what you will do is go to a service that allows you to put in fiat cash and you get out bitcoins, you need to put those bitcoins somewhere.

Here are some wallet options (let us know if you have some others you like, have had suggested or have heard about) :  (an online wallet, has a webpage and an app)
Jaxx (probably my favourite as it allows you to hold a few other alt coins)
Mycelium (a phone app wallet, supposedly very secure and developing tech to trade coin in and out of fiat direct from the wallet)

Here are some trading platform options (again, let us know of any others in the comments):

Poloniex (the one I’ve been using for the last month or more and it has a nice app you can use too).
Kraken (one of the early trading platforms, has been around a while.)
These two seem to cover most of the coins on the market, there are other coins that are not available on trading platforms and these you will need to download their own wallet to buy them.

2. Buy your bitcoins
This is how I did it (besides visiting the HK bitcoin ATM).
I registered an account here: you have to put in nyour details and send them a selfie of you and your passport to prove you are who you say you are and then they ask you to send a selfie of you and your mastercard.
Once your account is confirmed, login and then go to
Choose if you buy with EUR or USD
Scroll down and choose the amount you want to buy (easier to work it out in euros or dollars, rather than Bitcoins)
Then click “Buy Bitcoins”
It will take you to the next page that will ask you your method of payment.
I think it will be “Credit/Debit card via simplex”.
It will then ask you for a bitcoin wallet address, you will find this in your chosen bitcoin wallet or in your Poloneix trading account you’ll find it under balances > Deposits and withdrawals you then go down the list, find bitcoin, click “Deposit” and it will show you your bitcoin deposit address (here in yellow) eg:
Note !!!!!!  This address is ONLY for depositing BITCOINS!
You then click complete payment and follow the instructions through to the end.
You will get an email from them, asking you to confirm the Wallet address, go to your email and click confirm.
Payment should be 5 minutes and you’ll have bitcoins.   (or they may send you an email asking you for more information about you, which is normal the first time.)
Let me know how you get on.

How to make money trading coin!



Simple isn’t it!

But how do you know what will go high and what is a low price?

What I’ve noticed!

When you look at the chart and you see a massive spike in volume of trades.

If people are buying the price goes up! More people buying is a serious show of interest from people, if you can see the volume spike before the price hike, you should be “quids in”!

However, this requires impeccable timing and a lot of time looking at relative trade volumes.

When bitcoin goes up, everything else goes up.

For the most part when bitcoins price rises (to new highs), all the other alt coin prices rises (mostly). When bitcoins price goes up (to new highs), this is new money into the industry, this is more money in the market, real investment.

Bitcoins are the gateway from fiat to crypto, so even if (which I believe is often the case at the time of writing) investors want to buy Ether, they must first buy Bitcoin before they can make the trade. This is the same for all measure of other coins, so the market becomes much like squeezing a balloon, where the market deflates at one side, it will inflate on the other. There are really not many places where this can happen in this market, so you can (if you watch closely) where the money is moving to and from.

If you see bitcoins price going up after a down, not to new highs, but just to previously attained prices, we will probably see other coins prices going down, where money is moving from one coin back to bitcoin as the “safe heaven”.

It is easier to put money into crypto-currency than to take it out, so I feel that a lot of people (the majority of the market) that have gone in to it, are there for the long haul rather than jumping in and out of crypto to fiat.

Get into the tech’s philosophy before the monetary investment.

If you believe in the project that has been created to solve a real problem, the chances are you are one of the early adopters to the philosophy. If it’s a good one, then others will buy in. What makes this coin different to the next?

All crypto-currency is relatively new, any investment makes you an early adopter (no it’s not too late, there’s loads of new projects).

(Exactly why  I got into Ethereum and no all of this.)

Watch previous peaks and troughs and see where it stands now.

If you look at a lot of coins (many not much more than one or two years old) you can see their entire life on the market. When it was high and when it was low. There’s nearly always some spike near the beginning, usually associated with an ICO. What often follows is down turn where initial investors (market traders) have made some profit and have pulled their money out.

What happens next (or not) is investment from those who actually believe in the tech and see the value in it’s development and longevity.  If this happens you will see a steady price rise over time and then some bumps here and there where “investors” have jumped in and out.

If this tech has a long term vision and an actual “product’ in the making (which can be discovered with some good research) then you know that 1) it’s always capable of reaching the price of it’s highest previous price.  2) if the price dips below a long term average (and it ticks all your belief boxes) then it’s time to buy.

Predicting the ups and downs with the MACD

At last MACD means something better than crap fast food.

This stands for the Moving Average Convergence Divergence, if you head on over to Poloniex  and click on any coin, you’ll see it price chart that shows it value over time and volume of sales over time. Under this is the MACD, two lines that plot the average values over time. One line represents the long term moving average and the other the short term moving average.

When the long term moving average moves above the short term moving average it usually indicates a price rise and vice versa.

What you are therefore looking for is when the lines are going to cross (You know, like in Ghostbusters, you cross the streams and everything blows up.)

You can read more about the MACD and how to use it here.